What If I Told You:

You Can Make Thousands Each Month From Businesses While Practically Holding Them Hostage!

"You’re Restaurant Sucks!" 

"I Hate Your Staff" 

"I Want A Refund!"

What Are You Or Your Clients Going to Do When "Customers go bad"
Just 1 Negative Review Can loose You Sales
Obliterating Any Positive Reputation You Had



I’m going to enlighten you about that fatal flaw and once you see it you’ll know why this is going to make you a crap load of money in reputation management but first let me introduce myself!

Hi Warrior,

My name is Russell and I’ve been in business for myself for over 30 years and since 2009 I’ve been helping other business owners with online marketing. I’ve also created products for my peers right here on the Warrior Forum, but I’m not here to talk about any of that!

I want to show you a unique review management system that I’ve secretly been using with my offline clients. They pay me every single month for it too! It’s been met with such great praises I’m thinking of not offering anything else! Good bye SEO! Woot!

Now I’ve had the whole thing converted so you my friend can put your own brand on it and charge whatever you want!


But before I tell you all the ins and outs to this system I’m going to show you right now three ways to position yourself to sell your own reputation management system to small businesses.


Just getting started in your offline career. 

It doesn’t matter!

New to SEO and don’t know that much. 

It doesn’t matter!

Still have trouble delivering web sites.

It doesn’t matter!

Or you couldn’t design a banner image if your life depended on it.

It just doesn’t matter!

I’m giving you a complete white label review system!


#1 The Reputation Expert: Position yourself as a reputation management company who only specializes in helping businesses control there online reviews. -Just doing this all by itself you can make a ton of monthly recurring income!  


#2 Mr. Feet: Here is where you offer reputation management as an introductory, get your foot in the door! Hello! Nice to meet you Mr. New paying customer! –A few days later, Mr. Client shoots you an email or even calls you up! Mr. FEET! This review thing you set up for us ROCKS! What else do you do?  Can you say, up sell time!


#3 Value Added: This is where you throw in a month or two of FREE reputation management to SWEETEN the proposal you submitted; and then you close the deal! –No worries, when the FREE period ends they’ll pay, you’ve already told them how much the monthly fee is when you gave them the trial!

#4 Up Sell Service: Instantly go back to your existing customers and hook them up with a new review management system! –I know you’ve learned that you always offer new solutions to existing clients!

#5 Employee Management: When you present a system to Mr. Business owner that can expose problem employees who are responsible for negative reviews, its pay dirt! Customers will pass judgment on a business based on their personal interaction with employees. Luckily you have the solution that keeps that negative review off the internet!

#6 Public Relations: Get paid to set up a dedicated review portal which instantly emails your client when a negative review shows up in the system. Then with just a “click”, public relations can begin helping to resolve the problem with the customer! Statistic’s show that customers try multiple times to resolve a problem before resorting to posting negative online reviews as a LAST RESORT! Imagine the customers surprise and delight that they actually get contacted to fix their problem!

There’s One HUGE Thing Business Owners Are

Acutely Sensitive About


They worry and stress when they learn about a negative review being posted online, but you have the solution that helps prevent that problem!

Now you can take the worry away and give them their first opportunity to leverage customer reviews proactively and turn them into a brand and trust building asset!

I am giving you this at such a sweet deal that if you can’t cover the cost after selling your first review portal then I don’t know what to tell you! Seriously

After that first sale it’s all GRAVY MONEY and HAPPY CLIENTS asking if you can do other stuff for them!

We’re going to do some math right now and see what kind of money can be made with this bad boy.

Let’s suppose you decide to get just 50 clients set up on their own review portal. 

Now as a special deal you decide not to charge any set up fees, you just collect the first monthly payment. -Now I’d never do this without charging a set up fee but let’s be VERY CONSERVATIVE about this.

You decide to charge a measly $97 per month which includes updates and changes.

50 x $97 is $4859 per month! Not too shabby for a recurring monthly income!

75 X $97 is $7,275 per month!

100 X $97 is $9,700 per month!

Let’s go back and see what you “could” have earned by charging a reasonable set up fee of $150.

50 x $150 = $7,500 + $4,859 that’s $12,359

75 x $150 = $11,250 + $7,275, that’s $18,525

100 X $150 = $15,000 + $9,700 that’s a HUGE $24,700

The setup fee is what I charge just for swiping some images of their web site and creating the customers profile in my Review Sentry back office, but there are other ways to make extra money to really trick out your clients new review portal.

Being that I’ve allowed videos to be embedded and employee photos as a part of the review process you can charge extra for doing this part also!

Video production with the client can be charged at a minimum of $250 per video, you’ll need to do 3 videos.

Of course the above are just examples! You can charge more and just have less customers, it’s up to you! You’re completely in charge so it’s totally up to you, if you want to go full throttle you can!

I know one thing; this is a great business model all by itself!

I’m considering not even offering any other types of service unless I can charge TOP DOLLAR.

I don’t mind one bit just setting up review portals from now on!




Point Out This One Flaw and You’ll Start Bagging Clients FAST!

The flaw with reputation management and the companies that provide these services is that they are all REACTIONARY!  <-Remember that word!

The approach is to wait and monitor the internet for negative reviews to get posted online, then take action to manipulate the search engines so reviews get pushed down past pages 1 and 2 of search results.

Typically this, wait and react model uses spam techniques to FLOOD search results.

Like I said, they are reacting! Just like the fire department has to react to put a fire out! The fire is already burning somewhere on the internet and when that happens it’s already too late!



The reputation management industry has a dirty little secret which only just recently started making news on major tech and news portal sites.

Here’s the skinny on how it basically works.


Create a review oriented business directory or just a complaint site. The next step is to create anonymous user accounts on the sites and then target unsuspecting businesses by posting completely FAKE negative reviews.

Then the same dirty sneaky people create a fancy reputation management site selling negative review removals for a price. They want hundreds if not thousands of dollars to remove those bad reviews.

They can guarantee the removal because they secretly own the review site!

Ask them if they can have negative reviews removed from authority sites like Yelp or Google and they tell you those reviews can’t be removed.

The reason they don’t tell you why they can’t be removed is because they don’t own and control those sites!  

The scam starts with business owners typically getting an unsolicited email saying they have a very negative review about their company online at such and such site. They even get the direct URL to the bad review which is promptly clicked by the business owner which takes them straight to the fake review.

Imagine the sinking feeling in their gut as they read that!

When they reply to the email, that starts the whole process of extracting money from them to have the review removed.

The whole thing has gotten so crazy that there are now complaint sites to complain and alert people about reputation management services who employ the type of tactics exposed here!


With all the bad stuff set aside about the pitfalls business owners can experience when dealing with less then honorable rep companies, I’m going to show you why you are going to be 100% different!

100%  Different From the Reputation Management Crowd.

100% The Opposite Direction Then Every One Else!

100% Easy – Simple – Powerful – Controllable!


Do you recall that I said to make note of the word Reactionary?

Well the existing reputation management industry is merely monitoring and then REACTING to negative online reviews AFTER they are posted and indexed in Google.

Set Yourself Apart From All The Rest!

Give your clients something that is


that guards their most Prized Possession!

Reviews & Reputation

This is a game changer because it does the one thing no other company is doing...

Taking more control over reviews!

Every smart and astute business owner KNOWS how important happy and satisfied customers are to their business.

They also know just how seriously damaging even ONE negative review can be, especially if it’s posted online somewhere!

Even worse, that crappy review ends up on a site where they can’t even respond or it gets held for ransom money to get it removed!

The reality thus far is that Mr. Business owner is at the mercy of whoever decides they didn’t like something about their buying experience and then they go online and leave a bad review, obliterating any trust or reputation they’ve built up!

Now sales start to drop! Word spreads and it’s like standing in front of the firing squad!

Total Crap!

Once those negative reviews get posted it’s too late! Their reputation online and in the local business market takes a beating like the playground bully beating up on the skinny kid at school!

The damage is done! There’s no hiding behind the side of the school to avoid the bully, everyone on the playground knows about it and the bully always seems to find your hiding place!

Once that review is online it’s already too late! Reputation is smashed and obliterated! There is nothing they can do about it! They are handcuffed and sent to the bad company corner of the classroom and detention time is long!

What’s a normal business owner going to do?

Go in the corner and cry?

Feel sorry for themselves?

Say it’s over and call it quits?



What I’m about to tell you is going to change the face of reputation management!


By giving them their own REVIEW PORTAL where they can take total control over reviews.

If they get a negative review no problem! It goes straight to the business owners email and it can be handled the SAME DAY! 

When they get a positive review it’s going to go online and be posted at the businesses profiles on authority sites, creating social signals, contributing to ranking factors, and many other benefits great reviews bring!

#1. Position yourself as a reputation management company who specializes in helping companies take control over their reviews.

#2. Offer as an introductory, get your foot in the door, nice to meet you Mr. New paying customer! Not only are we helping you control your reviews, we can also help you with many other aspects of your business!

#3. Use as a high value loss leader or bonus service so you are a hero for adding so much EXTRA value for minimal costs.

You are literally handing them the Keys to new success in their business!

For the first time they’ll be able to control their reputation and actually leverage it as an asset! Each customer is a reputation asset but until now there was no way to actually herd them into a funnel that leverages their reviews!

No longer do they have to put their business future and reputation in the hands of Yelp or Google, etc.

It doesn’t matter what vertical they are in, Car dealers, Salons, Bridal Shops, Contractors, Real estate Agents, Attorneys, it doesn’t matter; it works for any business that has customers! PERIOD!

Because every single business owner wants a GREAT reputation no matter who they are, you’re going to help deliver that to them on a silver platter!

They’ll like it at the beginning but the very moment they get their first negative review in their inbox the next light bulb turns on and they are HOOKED!

They are going to pay you from that day forward to avoid the risk of having the next negative review go somewhere else!

This system is about taking ACTION, PREMEDITATED ACTION to SQUEEZE those positive reviews to the internet and FUNNEL the negative reviews into their email inbox right where they belong!

This will show them that running a business in REACTIONARY MODE is the kiss of death when it comes to reputation!

It’s far better to be PROACTIVE because in the end it’s much less expensive then the cost of lost business over a negative online reputation!

Business owners will pay you a lot of money to have a system that will help them actually FUNNEL negative reviews away from being posted online!

They’ll pay for a platform that gives them much more control of how and where customers leave reviews. Diverting potential negative reviews away from the internet and straight into the owners email inbox, where immediate follow up can be initiated!

Ricks NOTES:

Something like this does NOT come around the warrior forum that often or at all! This isn’t a silly Wordpress plug in, this isn’t a PDF report giving you theory or methods or any silliness like that!

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