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How it works

Review Sentry allows you to finely offer clients a review management system they can use and be proud of. Lets be honest, no business owner wants negative reviews posted online and the system we've created for you helps to prevent this problem by filtering negative reviews internally to your customer while engouraging positive reviews to be left online, and with instant email and SMS notifications your clients know instantly when some one leaves a review allowing your customer to follow up quickly to address any problems and save their valuable reputation!

Review Sentry is 100% compliant with the FTC and all 3rd party review sites like Yelp™, Superpages™, Google™ Trip Advisor™, and many others.


Customer makes a purchase

Once a purchase is made customers are presented with the opportunity to share their experience by visiting your clients review portal. This is the most important part of the process, actually getting customers to begin the review/feedback process. Never ask some one to just leave a review. Ask them to share their experience!

The Review Process

When the customer visits the review portal URL using their desktop or mobile device the review process begins by using the star rating feature. You set the threshold that determines which star rating is to be considered a positive or negative review.

Is it a Positive or Negative Review?

The star rating the customer chooses determines whether their experience is kept internal to your client or if the reviewer is encouraged to visit a 3rd party review site such as Google, Yelp, or any others that are important to your clients business so they can post their "real" review.

Negative Feedback?

If a customers expereince wasn't what they expected they are asked to confidentially leave their feedback using the review portals text area. Once submitted, the review system instantly notifies your client via email with the content of the whole review and a link to their email for instant follow up. The system also lets you use SMS text notifications so your clients can be informed instantly know to check their email when a negative reivew is submitted.

Positive Feedback?

When everything went great for the customer they leave with a positive experience which is what every business wants. Review Sentry encourages the customer to leave feedback about their positive experience online where it counts most!


Review Sentry was designed with simplicity in mind. We learned that business owners aren't intersted in complicated bells and wisltes and just want a simple solution that helps control and manage their online reviews and reputation. Review Sentry makes it easy for you, you're clients, and thier customers!

  • Looks great on any device

    Review Sentry was designed to look great on mobile devices and desktops. It's important that your clients customers have a good experience when visiting the review portal so we ensured that the system looks great no matter what device they are using.

  • Perfect Brand Matching

    Review Sentry's custom template feature allows you to perfectly match any client site so their branding remains consistant. This fosters more trust from their customers when they go to leave a review for your client. Clients take more pride of ownership when you deliver them an awesome branded review portal that is on their own domain!

  • Works with any Review Site

    The Review Sentry system encourages real customers to leave their reviews on your clients 3rd party business profile. With 100% control, you and your client determine which sites you want reviews on.

  • Keep Negative Reviews Internal

    Review Sentry allows you and your client to set what we call a star threshold rating, this determines how many stars are considered a negative review and how many are positive reveiws. If the customer has had a less than desireable experience thier review is kept internal to the client. Your client can follow up instantly to demonstrate that they take customer epxerience seriously.

  • Instant Notifications

    What good is it when we don't know when some one submits a review about a less than desirable experience? The time to follow up and open a line of communication with an unhappy customer is critical. With Review Sentry your client can get instant email and SMS text notifications so they can do whatever it takes to rectify the situation as quickly as possilbe and make that customer happy!

  • I did a big presentation to a 90 location franchise, and the one takeaway out of my presentation they wanted immediate pricing on was Review Sentry.
    Brain Adnerson - Mediamash.com
  • Just sold an account with three different locations and they LOVE the concept of being able to control their online reputation.
    Ronnie Tsunami - The Quick Launch Guru
  • I purchased this system and within 1 week sold 3 accounts! The system is straight forward and with APPLIED ACTION will be a great addition to my offline business. I have 5 sales reps, and they are all loving this product. GREAT JOB!
    Dwayne Roberts - Newpromedia.com

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